The DAAM platform is being built on the Flow blockchain. Flow is built for NFT collectibles and crypto-assets. Flow's proof-of-stake blockchain hails from alpha-dog developers; Dapper Labs.  Fun fact, when Dapper's CryptoKitties bogged down the entire Ethereum blockchain in 2017, it forced the development of Flow to handle the traffic and demand.

Coined "SODA", Serverless Onchain-Data Distribution, this decentralized application (DAAP) allows for censorship-resistant, on-chain NFTs. The entire NFT is stored on the Flow blockchain.  NFTs are immutable and entirely under the control of their owner-creator, you.  Serverless Onchain-Data Distribution. has numerous advantages that will empower the DAAM NFT platform. DAAM will never face scaling issues that traditional blockchain Dapps have faced.  As long as wallet providers and the Flow blockchain are able to accommodate increasing demand we will effortlessly scale. 

The way to interact with our platform and DAAP is through the spending of crypto-tokens from a third-party digital wallet provider.  This digital wallet allows you to purchase, store, and engage in transactions using Flow, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. To participate in the DAAM Marketplace you will have to link your digital wallets on supported extensions. DAAM is currently being developed to support Dapper, Ledger, and Blocto, but in the near future, we will mesh with other verified wallet providers. 


Before minting up your digital asset for sale or putting in an offer to purchase a digital asset from another, you will prompted to activate an electronic wallet extension and connect and unlock with that extension.  Once you submit an order to sell or purchase a unique digital asset, your order is passed on to the applicable extension, which completes the transaction on your behalf.


  • 03/21 - DAAM Agency is founded in Montreal, Canada.

  • 04/21 - Core team enters Flow Developer Program.

  • 05/21 - Opened Canada’s 1st NFT Agency, Studio in Montreal.

  • 06/21 - Agency website online.

  • 11/21 - Testnet

  • 12/21 - Devnet

  • 01/22 - Mainnet