Montreal, November 22, 2021 - We're stoked to be working with FOXYLEE, the Founder and Publisher of BestKeptMTL. This past Summer she introduced Daam to what might be her "best kept secret".. her brother, Marcus Macdonald, aka The Lord of The Files An establish contemporary artist, sculptor, painter, and architect , Marcus was born in Edinburgh and is currently living in White Rock B.C.

Born upside down just moments after Marilyn Monroe was pronounced dead, The Lord of the Files, has, over quarter century created (more like engineered..) the most unique GIF art collection in the world. The curated collection is massive.. Marcus explains; "Art can seemingly be anything… yet art is the most specific thing. What art actually IS evades definition, however, we know that great art innovates as it assimilates the past. Its integrity depends on originality. High art is completely personal."

These are the qualities "Lord Of The Files" hopes to build on, which will contrast with other competing NFT imagery, which focus primarily on aesthetic illustration. While shiny, opalescent, chromed, dripping, honey-covered spaceships oozing with nipples and lusciousness certainly do have an appeal…it is just the superficial attraction of graphics that seduces our optic nerves, minus the content, minus the layers of interpretation, minus meaning.

"Raging Buffalo" (1990, Marcus Macdonald)

"My work can be qualified in many ways, however, for our purposes here, it is important to underline the works’ unique quality. Significant art tends to be different from all the rest…not just a bit different, but RADICALLY different… Indeed, so different as to almost not qualify… to be barely perceptible as art. If the obfuscated spectator denounces the art, claiming it is not art…there is a chance that it actually is art."

"The Animus Collection extends the boundaries of sight, proposing novel ways of seeing, leading the spectator beyond the image. Animus in Latin meant ‘mind’; the word is related to ‘animate’ and ‘animal’. In this series, the life spark is expressed through the kinetic expression of living creatures. The explosive rush of the cheetah, the lumbering stride of an elephant, the lofty glide of a seabird, all carving through space with their own intricate dances, reveal the spectacular creativity of life, which employs every method of locomotion, yet rejects the straight line. " Marcus Macdonald, Lord of the Files

Auction starts December 1.

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