How Blockchain Will Clean Our Oceans and Save Our Forests

By Shawn Du'Mmett - Cryptopolitan - Sep 18, 2021

The ocean is a source of life and a sink for the world’s waste, yet its health has taken a turn for the worse. Overfishing and pollution have decimated marine biodiversity, while climate change threatens to increase the severity of storms, disease, and other impacts. At present rates of progress, an alarming percentage of marine species are at risk of going extinct. Indeed, marine species may go extinct twice as fast as land species, due to the narrow range of temperatures that they can inhabit.

The situation is so dire that it has even become an issue in U.S. politics: Since Biden’s inauguration and subsequent executive orders, federal agencies have to curb their overallocation of fossil fuels in favor of renewables and energy efficiency—including reducing America’s dependence on oil by promoting domestic energy production such as wind and solar power.

The move was widely lauded by environmental groups but met with fierce resistance from U.S oil companies and some who claimed it would hurt American jobs. While some efforts are being made to reduce human impact on the planet at large, not enough is done, and the oceans are often overlooked—and that needs to change if we want this ecosystem to survive into the future as one capable of supporting life as we know it today.

With blockchain projects like Next Earth, NFT enthusiasts can take concrete steps to do just that. Read the full article here >

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