Frequently Asked Questions.

Work In Progress.

What does DAAM mean?

DAAM is a clever acronym for Digital Asset + Agent Management. We provide NFT services to an elite global clientele.

Who is daam for?

Galleries, A&R Agents, Creators and Producers.

what is a daam agent?

Agents represent, manage and administer NFT portfolios and collections on behalf of their clients.

When are you launching?

We plan to launch by end of summer 2022. Please apply to our beta program for early access, and follow us for future updates.

do you accept creators without agents?

Yes, and we encourage you to get in touch. Creators may mint and manage their Flow powered NFT's on the platform, subject to terms and conditions.

how much does it cost to mint?

2.5% on all transactions, including future royalties.

What is physical nft?

Physical NFT represents real-world assets such as a painting, house, or car. Classic assets become digital assets when "Minted" - a blockchain smart contract containing metadata and important details about the asset.

Do you have opensea integration?

OpenSea supports Flow, you may export/import collectables to your OpenSea Account and vice versa. Contact us for more information.